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Data Protection & Terms Of Use

Terms of Use and shortened Data Security Policy.

geeBee focuses upon protecting your privacy and personal data.Saved data records are minimized and used to protect against abuse of our services like DOS, MITM or any similar attack against geeBee's users, partners, staff or geeBee itself.Records exclusively contain Client-I.P.-Address, Client-Browser, Client-Language and Date/Time.This data is saved temporary; a session lifetime will be at a maximum of 20 minutes in accordance with inactivity.Any data used by geeBee's statistics is anonymized.
Apart from advertisements geeBee uses no tracking-cookies of third parties but :

  • a session cookie in conjunction with the temporary saved IP is used for protection of your connection to geeBee against attacks by third parties.
  • a settings cookie is used for saving the search settings.
By using the >play< link of the video search or clicking partners' adds a tracking cookie may be set, which will verify the link redirection.Full functionality of geeBee needs javascript and cookies to be enabled.With using the Maps or embedded search functions data sets like I.P-Address and Browser Details are directly submitted to the regarded partner - anonymized requests are excluded not including pictures or thumbnails. geeBee UG (haftungsbeschränkt) does not offer any proxyfying which is forwarding access to illegal material. Search results do not contain adds and are financed by donations. Free anonymized search results like World Wide Web, Images, Exploits and equivalents are not containing adds and ranking is fair and scientific.When the free contingent is exceeded there will be a fallback for your search request redirecting you to the in the settings selected partner. Search filters are usually not influenced by this procedure if existing at the partners index. The anonymization is working for Web/Dictionary/Images/Videos/Shopping/Moogle and Auctions search requests.Search requests and other input made by users is not reviewed, controlled or analysed by our staff.The web offers for VPN-servers, proxy-servers, blog and user details contain adds of our partners. Therefore you have to pay attention to their datasecurity, copyright and terms which are applied for their contents.

geeBee intents protecting your privatesphere, that is why we do not activate social plugins instantly. You need to activate them by clicking the regarding element.If you are activating one of those plugins you are transmitting your ip and browser data to the regarding service hoster and accepting it's Datasecurity Policy*² and Terms Of Use*².
- Facebook Kommentare im Blog ("Activate Facebook Comments")
- Facebook Like Button ("Activate Facebook Comments", "Facebook Like")
- Facebook Share Button ("Share by Facebook")
- Twitter Share Button ("Share by Twitter")
- Xing Share Button ("Share by Xing")
- Google+ Share Button ("Share by Google+")

Contents of search results getting the associated partner's*¹ terms of use and Copyright applied. Banners and logos of partners have the Copyright of the regarding partner applied. The dictionary and the proxylist may contain errors due to automatic sorting and generating. Contents of the dictionary are provided for free use and will be complemented by Wiktionary if chosen. Blog posts or video searches may contain embedded videos and if loaded third party javascripts. geeBee and geeBee's staff are not associated or otherwise connected to the providers of the proxy- or vpn-servers and gives no guarantees according the use of these services. Since the voluntary hosters need to be protected connections to the vpn-servers will be logged for a certain period(2weeks - 3months). Please reconsider VPN-Gate's Anti-Abuse-Policy.

According the use of provided information you are self responsible. Each of our partners is self-responsible for their offers. We do not give any guarantees regarding offers of our partners.We recommend using encrypted connections by default.

personal data, whether user data or information transmitted with contact queries, is not given to third parties without your agreement.

Canges of this datasecurity policy and terms of use are published incidentally.

With using geeBee's Services you are accepting the associated datasecurity policy and terms of use.Supervisors are held responsible for their protégé(e).

Published 29.06.2019

complete Datasecurity Policy

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