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How To Protect Your Smartphones And Tablets Against Data Leaks

Big Data - gathering personal data in a large scale - anybody has heard of it - anybody was at least one time a victim of data gathering of this manner. Especially when using Smartphone Apps in connection with social networking and media.


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TOR Network: Modified Binaries While Downloading

Tor is originally supposed to aid journalists and activists to gain more anonymity on the net. But beeing more anonymous does not imply more security using the Tor Network for downloading binary data(executables like EXE,etc.) if you are using no encryption and transfer validation (MD5 Checksum, PGP Signature, etc.). The possibility of altering downloaded binaries was demonstrated by Leviathansecurity :


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Staying anonymous using Proxy/VPN Servers

If you want to use the internet anonymously you need to pay attention to a few simple rules to protect your identity and your system.


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